Casa Martell

RECUITS DE FONTETA is a craft industry dedicated to the manufacturing of craft lacteous products. We have a limited but top quality product range. We are specialized in some kind of fresh cheese, named Recuits as Recuits de Cabra (made with goat's milk) and Recuits de Vaca (made with cow's milk) and some kind of craft Cheeses.


We make our daily job attending to the strictests hygienic rules, making use of the best available technology, and always following artisan processes and recipes.


Some of our products need a resting period to achieve the best result, so we have several cold chambers where we let them stay in the best possible conditions of temperature and humidity, to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.


In our shop we try to create a pleasant atmosphere to receive our customers in the way they deserve.

We try to make a fast and close customer service. We also thank our customers for their advice and suggestions which help us improve our quality day after day.