RECUITS DE FONTETA is a registered trade mark with origin denomination of quality given by the Consell Comarcal del Baix Empordà (Comarcal Council of Baix Empordà).

Long time ago, when the current technology resources were not available, the recuits (fresh cheese) could only be made in the coldest dawns of winter days, the right moment that we had the low temperatures required for their elaboration. This is the only thing that changed between the recuits that the grandmother Rosita did and the current ones that already makes Quim. The original recipe and the rest of the process remain unchanged.

The choice between the recuits of goat or cow depends on each person's personal preferences. Both are excellent and preserve the original taste of milk. They have to be eaten as fast as possible, as they do not have any additive or preservative. For this reason, our distribution service guarantees the fastest deliverance to shops, supermarkets and restaurants, to let you enjoy our products in their best conditions of taste and flavour.

The recuit is a product that blends perfectly with all kinds of tastes and aromas. It is appreciated mainly as a dessert, either alone or with sugar, honey, marmalade, fruit, chocolate or quince jelly. It can also be added to salads or main courses, some as daring as the original proposal of the famous restaurant El Bullirecuit shaked with anchovies, created by the team of Ferran Adrià.